The Aim Of Badminton

Learning the rules of Badminton is the key to enjoying this game and winning rallies. It takes a lot of practice and will help also recognise immediately any faults of your opponent. The shuttle should be hit with your racket over to your opponent’s side of the net with the intention to have it land inside their half of the court. If your opponent does not reach the shuttle to hit it back, and the shuttle lands within the court on their side then you have won that rally.

The Opponent’s Aim

The opponent’s aim is to reach the shuttle and send it back. Within the rules of Badminton, you can also win from your opponent’s mistakes. The rally can also be won if he hits the shuttle too hard so that it goes out of the court or if it goes underneath or even directly into the net. On these occasions, it is advised not to attempt to hit the shuttle back.

A shuttle does not bounce therefore when it touches the floor, the rally is over. It can only be hit once before it goes over the net, even in a game of doubles. Before the game starts, a coin is usually tossed to determine who will serve first. The winner of the toss can decide whether they want to serve first or let the opponent serve and from which side.

Rules Of Badminton

Within the rules of Badminton, it is important to understand the scoring system. They state that any match shall be based on the best of three rallies. In a double match or men’s single match, the first to reach 15 points wins the game whereas for a women’s singles match the winner will be first to reach 11 points. An additional rule is applied when a draw of scores is reached.

If in the men’s game the score is 14-all (or 10-all if it is women’s singles), the side with 14 (10) first will have the choice to continue the game to score 15 (11) points or may decide to ‘set’ the game to 17 (13) points. The side that wins the rally will be the one to serve in the next rally and will be the only one who can add a point to his score. Until he loses a rally, of course, which then gives the opponent a chance to gain points.

Rules of Badminton Are Administrated Giving Players A Fair Advantage

Knowledge Is The Key To Winning

If you keep in mind all the rules during the game, this will help in your favour when it comes to scoring points and observing the game-play of your opponent to judge their next move and acting quick when they fault. This needs a lot of practice as well as a strong mind and physical ability. You need to think quick in this game and stay ahead, strategically, of your opponent at all times possible.

Some experts has actually compared the game of badminton with strategy games such as poker. You need to stay ahead of the game, and keep all possible outcome in mind. It may sound a bit strange, but people who say it does actually have a point. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can find online strategy games Who knows, maybe it will even make you a better badminton player?