Best Current Player In The World- Badminton

In badminton, the equipment is two rackets and a shuttlecock. To score points, the player hits that shuttlecock, and it has to land on the opponent’s side of the play area. People play badminton on the beach or in their yards but, for formal badminton competitions, there is a rectangular shaped, indoor court. Many people consider Lin Dan the most talented badminton player in the world, let’s see why.

Best Current Player In The World

Best Current Player In The World – Lin Dan

Each fan has a different way of thinking of the world’s best players, yet almost everybody concurs on a couple of players with Lin Dan at the top of the list. Lin Dan is an expert badminton player from China, viewed as the best current player in the world by numerous people everywhere. His family motivated him to be a pianist at a very young age but, obviously, he preferred badminton.

Best Current Player In The World – Dan’s Awards

Lin Dan won each of the nine noteworthy medals in badminton finishing the Super Grand Slam by the age of twenty-eight. He turned into the only player with this accomplishment and also, the primary player holding the gold award at the Olympics, conquered in 2008 and secured in 2012. His win at the Malaysian Open in 2017, confirmed his successfulness in badminton.