Badminton World Championship Games

The first badminton championship was held in 1977. The history of the game is not only interesting but culturally diverse. It was initially called Battledore when it was created over 2000 years ago, and its origins can be traced back to Greece, India and China. Since then, badminton has evolved and become increasingly popular, making its debut in the Olympics back in 1972.

Badminton World Championship Games

Transition From Murky Origins To World Championship

Although the exact lineage of badminton is lost in time, the name itself is derived from the Duke of Beaufort’s Badminton House in Gloucester. However, the reason why that came to be is unknown. We can only guess that the master of Badminton House was more than enamoured with the sport. And like with any new sport, it took a long time for badminton to receive wider recognition, from 1860 when it was named, to the World Championship premiere in 1977.

Humble Beginnings To Household Sport

Badminton had organisational woes from the beginning. After its 1977 debut, the World Championships were held only every three years. It increased to biennial championships in the late 1980s and finally starting yearly events from 2006 onward, thanks to the efforts of BWF (Badminton World Federation). Today, badminton is known as a highly intensive and skilful sport, evenly suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. With a very low cost of entry, it gained massive popularity over the years.

World Championship Badminton Games Of 2017

Held in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena, the 2017 World Championship Badminton games were completely dominated by agile Asians. China took most of the medals scoring 2 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze, followed by Japan with 1 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medalists. All other nations scored less than 2 medals in total. This just goes to show that the intensely swift nature of badminton lends itself well to the naturally quick and disciplined Asians.

World Championship odds

The world championships in all sports are big events that draws a lot of spectators – and badminton is no exception. But since the World Championships are held in different parts of the world each year, not everyone can attend the event, Luckily, live streams are available online – like on different betting sites for example. On the site you can find a complete list of live streams that are available to watch from the badminton World Championships, as well as the best odds on the tournament!